Who Else Want to Build  A Solid Home Based Network Marketing Business within the Next 3-12 Month


Start Getting Paid Between N=50,000 to

1 Million Naira On Average Monthly

.......... even if you've failed with this same Business Model Before !!!

 Dear Soon to be Network Marketing Millionaire Friend;   


If you’ve ever tried any Network Marketing Business in the past and Failed or you are scared of starting simply because you’re ‘’TOO BUSY or SHY’’ to talk to your family and friend’s  




Then I will advice you to shutdown any form of distraction and read this letter to the very end because this will be the final answer to your worries in this industry.





My Name is Bukayo Ogunlude Popularly Known and called NASBOCK

Below are few things about me:





  I Started my Entrepreneurship journey with a well-known old ‘’Network Marketing company far back 2003 while still in secondary school. 



My upline(Sheriff) will give me some handbills/Flyer’s to go from street to street , city to city to invite people to our Business Opportunity/Seminar Presentation.




But at the end few ones attend the event/Seminar and sign up



Which Results to few TINY AMOUNT in Cheque at the end of the Month




I kept doing this from Company to company for years to the point I get tired wondering how on earth I can get across to more people to join my business or buy my products.

So I met my upline in another company introduce me to social media marketing and I was told



''‘’Just Post on Your Facebook Wall, Group’s, Tag your friends, and so on


I tried every single of that and all I could get was few likes, request and 3 Signup’s within 30 Day’s



                                     I Was Just Everywhere 24/7




Reason that you can’t have more than 5,000 friends on Facebook & all the posting even on groups has less than 1% engagement and everyone posting the same thing all over the place


Finally it dawn on me I have to do something different & don’t follow the crowd if I really want to be successful in this industry and get Exceptional Results.



SO I KEEP Researching & After Several Weeks of Sleepless Night I Discovered this 100%  NON-FAILED FORMULAR:








(Just hold on and don’t get confused yet)



MEDIABUY simply means buying advertisement  slot on various Media Channel where you know your targeted audience are THEN Attract them by educating them first &make them see reason why they need to patronize your business (Either Buy the Products or Build the Business)



To achieve that you need to bring them into your SALES FUNNEL.


Which handles 80% of the work for you.


With this formula:



·       You will be getting complete stranger’s come to you (Attract them) Instead of you relying on your existing contact’s only and they keep giving you various excuses of not attending the Presentation, Join Your Business or Buy Your Product’s


·       You will be able to have they Name; Email; Phone No in any country or city you want then you can present your product or Business Opportunity to them  while building Relationship with them till they patronize you !!!



In fact you will be fully in charge; Imagine people applying & Begging to join your Team OR buy your Product’s



This is Far Better than the Frustrated Old School Way;


But putting all this together Require Skills (You can Outsource this But it’s not CHEAP), Time and money  


  Now let’s break it down so you see things needed & Average Cost Implication:


 1.   A Domain Name (N=3,000 Per Year) 


2.        A Reliable Webhosting  @ N=1,000 x 12 month               (N=12,000 per Year) 


3.      Professional Copywriter to write Your Advert Content; Sales Letter; emails people will read that will educate them to patronize you  

But writing a Good Sales letter Alone  Goes for nothing less than N=100,000


    Not to talk of the advert & Email Copies ……………….. You need at least 7 emails  



  Now to Get a Professional Email copy cost:  N=10,000 x 7 Emails (N=70,000)

So Minimum Price for this:    N=170,000





4.        An Autoresponder Service you can use to capture they Name, Email and Phone Number and send automated messages to your Subscriber’s with a click of a button.   


This cost $19(N=7,500) Monthly for Maximum 500 Subscriber’s x 12 Month………………..   $228 (N=90,000) it could be more if you have more subscriber’s.



5.    A professional Sales Funnel Designer :   N=25,000 



  MINIMUM TOTAL COST:     N=300,000   + Your Advertising Budget.



But I Got Thinking How Do an Average Nigerian Benefit from this without spending

this much resources (Money & Time)  & Still Get Good Results.



That’s the Major Reason Why

I have decided to Give first 30 Nigerian’s this month  access

to my Exclusive No- Nonsense Network Marketing Business

Partnership Coaching Program





 Where I and my team Will Handle everything (All the Hard work and Bills) listed Above

(Using my over13 Years’ Experience in this Industry)

for Almost FREE  !!!



You just pay a token to Cover Part of Our Server Fee Every 4 Months 

 (Read on to Know the cost)

+ Your Advertising Budget



 Then You Focus on 1 Single thing which is advertising the System we setup for you

                                   (We will show you how to go about this)                  



 But Before I Show You How to Become A Member   & What You Stand to Benefit As A Member Look at People Already Living the Dream With this Same Business System we will be setting up for You

(Feed Your Eye's)

 When You Register And Become a Member:  


1.    We will Register You as a Direct Partner to the Multi National foreign Brands we Partner with which has been making us Smile as you see above.  



2.    You Will get Physical Healthy Products :  The Monetary Value is Worth more than your Registration Fee and you can consume yourself for your Daily Need/Health Benefit or can decide to sell (using our Product Selling System you get as a member)  and make your Money Back
(This Product are more healthy than normal Brand you currently using).



    3.    We will build 1 out of 4 Branch of your Business for you while you build the other 3 using our tools and support which makes the Job Easier.
PS:  we’re doing this to Encourage Team Work &Get serious ones.  



4.    Above All We will create 2-in 1 Digital Recruiting & Product Selling Sales Funnel for you that makes you automate your Business and run on autopilot 

........This works for you if you are the Busy Type or SHY 

(You Just need about 2 Hours Daily to Setup Your Ads &
Access our Membership Trainings)     
                                               With that been said’  
 ……………………….   Here’s How to Become a Member of
Leverage Profit Club ~ Nigeria:
       Proceed & Make a Cash Deposit/Transfer of   N=150,000
into any of The Bank Account Below: 
Ogunlude Bukayo Oladeji     


               GTBANK ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0036-980-265     
            POLARIS BANK ACT NUMBER: 3046-855-084        
         ACCESS BANK ACCOUNT NO:   0795-900-587
    STEP 2:  After Payment Proceed & Send us the following Details below: ·      
Full Name Same Way it appeared on your Any Government Issues id card/Bank Account. ( SURNAME, FIRST NAME, MIDD     Send it to NgPayment@LeverageProfitClub.Com
    STEP 3:  Once we confirm your Payment you will receive a Direct Phone Call from me or Our Secretary/Assistance to Get Necessary details to Process Your Registration.  
Once That Is DONE:  
 We will then go ahead & process your membership Registration; send your Membership code & Login Details so that you can get your Products, Automated Marketing System, and Coaching to Get Your Business Started
  …………………… All Within the Next 72 Hours or Less!!!  
  What are you Waiting For; The price you Paying to Become Part of Us and Access our Exclusive System, Tools and support is a Token Compare to what you stand to Benefit when you practice what you learn here, Your Health and Thousands of millions of Naira You’ve Waste in Fake Program’s in the Past;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
          Here’s a final opportunity for you
to run a Business Model That really works;    

Bukayo Ogunlude (Nasbock)

FOR:  Leverage Profit Club ~ Nigeria

 (An Arm of TheStars Ventures)



     PS: Thousands are on this Same Webpage with You Right Now as we speak so the 30 Slot Will be taken Up so Fast.



 Wouldn’t You Like to Get the Same Done-4-You Network Marketing Business System Setup & start Cashing Out following instructions of someone who Practice what he Preach and Get Results

over the Years?



   HURRY & Make Payment before the Whole 30 Slot is Gone!!!



   PSS:  Remember we are working with Only First 30 Person’s out of thousands on this Page after which we will shut this down






                           Have Any Question Talk to Me On My Direct Line:  +234 8165 501 887

Calls(Monday's ~ Friday's)  ~ 9 Am to 5Pm Daily


     Below Are Our Brand Partners: 

Immeri Global (Our Health Partner)
TwentyXpro (Our Business Training Partner)
Omega Pro (Our Reliable Forex Trading Partner that pays 300% Compounding in 1 and Half Year Even Without Referrals))

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